Ballarat Regional Services hosted Ballarat Christian College Students August 12th – 16th

The project given to the Ballarat Christian College students suggested the vision could be …  “A visible presence in social media that increases both sales and customer insight into Ballarat Regional Industries and enables Customer Feedback.” The students showed their great expertise with social media applications and all those who saw their presentation were treated to a highly skilled exercise by the students in utilising eBay, twitter, instagram, Hoot suite and Facebook.  The students also suggested that the unique yellow umbrella on the BRI logo (which indicates all those under the umbrella are equal) could be the focus of a marketing campaign.  The students wrote “To increase the popularity of your social media we have come up with a publicity stunt to give you an angle. Basically the idea is to get as many people as possible to take photos of themselves with yellow umbrellas and post them on Facebook, instagram and twitter.  In the future it would be beneficial if you could take photos of your employees with the umbrellas. This would help twofold because it has the yellow umbrella, and also demonstrates the employment of people with disabilities.”


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