Reflections on a Mindshop Excellence program 2011

Congratulations to Joel White on becoming College Captain of Elisabeth Murdoch College for 2013.  Joel is a graduate of a Mindshop Excellence program conducted at the Frankston City Council in November 2011 which was facilitated by Dr Robert Pridham.

Joel writes on his reflections ….

Joel White, College Captain, Elisabeth Murdoch College

I was selected as one of seven students to work with Frankston City Council to find out how to keep local businesses in Frankston. As a group we looked at each others’ skills and strengths and I was selected as the leader of the group.

We decided to interview over 50 local Frankston businesses, mostly retail, to help determine what keeps them in Frankston and what would cause them to relocate their business.

We proposed a solution that involved a star rating based on the amount of training each staff members receives. The more training run through Frankston City Council the more stars a businesses was awarded.

Personally, I gained a lot from the program. I still apply the problem solving model that was taught to us during the Mindshop Program. This is the “Now? Where? How?” model which I regularly use in my leadership role as College Captain, representative on College Council and in my VCE studies.

  • What is the problem I have now?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • How do I go about it?

While I was already on my way as a school leader, The Mindshop Program helped me, and my peers to be better leaders.


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