Monash University and Mt Erin College

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Date: October 21st – 25th

Students from Mt Erin College at Monash University today were reminded of an Excellence graduates’ famous quote – “University is a gift you give yourself for working hard at school“. Thanks to mentors Mike Boyle, Stella Poly and Greg Humphries.

Congratulations to the student team from Mt Erin College today for their presentation at Monash University, Peninsula Campus on how the community can increase the number of young people in our local region to consider going to university. Guided by Sales Guru, Mike Boyle in presentation techniques and supported by IT Guru, Greg Humphries, the students delivered their ideas with confidence and skill. The students were inspired by Earnest Hemingway’s famous book containing just 6 words … they came up with the perfect equivalent story for their own 6 word book, relating to their project on University – “Wanted … stars who want to grow”.

Mindshop Facilitators – Mike Boyle, Stella Poly and Greg Humphries

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