Wellington College Students vision for the future at the Woolworths Distribution Centre, Mulgrave

Facilitators: Emily Splatt and Harry Kras

Date: April 7th – 11th 2014

An exceptional team of 4 from Wellington Secondary spent the week at Woolworths Distribution Centre and were given a challenge on how to make Woolworths Stores / Online Shopping more enticing for Generation Z / Tech Generation.  Using a variety of Mindshop Problem Solving tools, surveys and a lot of creativity, these young executives came up with some brilliant solutions to the issue including things like drive thru shopping and free wifi for all stores!.


The student team wrote “Besides addressing the issue presented to us, we were also extremely appreciative of the opportunity to observe how the nation gets supplied day in and day out, with the organisation of the distribution centre operation.  We also had the opportunity to gain new teamwork, leadership and critical thinking skills that we will most definitely apply in our future aspirations.  We collectively thank Woolworths, Mindshop, Welling Secondary College and Wheelers Hill Rotary for the opportunity to undertake this project”.  



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