Bendigo South East Secondary College hosted by Keech3D


Date:   October 20th – 24th

The Bendigo South East Secondary College students were highly focused at Keech 3d, designing a new product using CAD technology.  Their project challenge for the week was to develop a product using 3D technology which improves the quality of life of a disabled person.   After brainstorming several ideas they decided on a producing a multiple container opener tool.   With the assistance of Keech’s AutoCAD Engineer, Wuping He, they designed a prototype which sadly for the students proved unrealistic, had design flaws and was ultimately not strong enough to complete its purpose! Their next product proved more successful and at their presentation they proudly showed their newly produced prototype for an iPhone case with detachable handle strap aimed to assist those people with debilitating medical conditions that affect hand and finger strength.

Facilitator: Harry Kras

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