Eaglehawk Secondary College combined with Bendigo South East College and hosted by Righteous Pups


Date:   October 20th – 24th

Righteous Pups Australia seeks to transform and enrich the lives of those they interact with through canine interventions. The Mindshop Excellence students made some special furry friends during their work experience program at Righteous Pups.   Their project was to improve the profile of Righteous Pups in the community by utilising Social Media applications. The combined student group worked well as a team and were praised by the team at Righteous Pups for their ideas and their caring attitude.   Along with several solutions, the team produced a Facebook page and with the help of Mike Boyle’s wife, Andrea, they put together a heartfelt promotional video that Righteous Pups now have streaming on YouTube.  Jo Baker from Righteous Pups wrote on their new Facebook page “Hey guys, Righteous Pups have been lucky enough to have a great team of kids with us since Monday, helping us get out there in social media and try to become better known within the community. We would love it if you guys could show your support by heading to our new Facebook page and liking it. In addition to this page we also have other new social media such as: Instagram: righteouspups_aus Twitter: @RighteousPups Youtube: www.youtube.com/righteouspups… Thank you all for your support!

Facilitator: Mike Boyle


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