Thank you note from a Mindshop Excellence Graduate

I’d like to thank you for allowing me to take part in your workforce through the Mindshop Excellence Programme. As soon as I started on day 1 in BGT and day 2 in the Ballarat Council, I knew this was a smart choice as I thought it suit me very much. I’m surprised that it went much better than how I expect it and it was honestly worth it. It gave me a new perspective on many areas and it has definitely opened up some paths for me as before this I only had my heart set on one.

This was a very positive experience for me as I gained new skills as well as improved existing ones. I learnt many new things that I could carry on throughout my life and I learnt how to behave appropriately in a working environment.

Not only that, but I met many new people such as you, who made me feel very comfortable and welcomed into the space that I had to work in for that week. I’ve also built a much closer friendship with the acquaintances that I worked with who were in my school. I believe that I matured, learnt many things about the different workforces and drastically improved my confidence in the one week I spent working next to you. I started the week with my heart pumping out of my chest with worries and ended it with a big smile.

With all this, I’d like you to know how much I truly appreciate your help throughout my work experience week. The Ballarat Council and the Mindshop Excellence Programme left a very good mark on me and I would absolutely suggest it to students, my friends or even strangers that have interest in it.“Samsara, student at Ballarat Grammar School

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