Moorabbin Airport hosts Cheltenham Secondary College students

Date – November 16th – 20th

Host – Moorabbin Airport Corporation

School – Cheltenham Secondary College

Facilitators – James O’Brien, Jim Parry, Phillip Coombs


The Moorabbin Airport terminal was a buzz of anticipation yesterday when a bright young group of students from Cheltenham Secondary College staged their PowerPoint presentation to management from their host, Moorabbin Airport, representatives from their school and families and the local Rotary club.

Students were presented with the task to develop a five-year plan to aggressively increase flight training numbers at the airport while considering stakeholder management. Paul Ferguson, CEO, suggested that the students will get credit for some of their inspirational messages when they appear on future signage around the Airport perimeter.

Alexandra Poles, Assistant Manager – Airport Projects and Stakeholder Engagement, commented “The students were enthusiastic and hardworking and I was surprised by how much was achieved in such a short time. Julie was very helpful and passionate about the Excellence program and we were privileged to have had access to the Mindshop Facilitators that attended. Overall a very successful program”.

Many thanks to the fabulous support from the Mindshop Facilitators who assisted during the week, James O’Brien, Jim Parry and Phil Coombs.


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