Bendigo South East Secondary College

Date –  September 5th – 9th

Host – Keech 3D

School – Bendigo South East Secondary College

Facilitators – Greg Humphries and Julie Mason

One of the students, Emily, wrote:

During the week of the 5-9th of September, seven year 10 students from Bendigo South East College, were undertaking work experience at the Keech 3D facility. As a part of the Mindshop Excellence program, they were appointed the task of designing and creating 3D models that could be used for marketing and advertising. On the first day, they undertook a workshop off site to understand and adapt their problem solving skills. Day two was filled with many hurdles and obstacles that proved difficult for the young problem solvers, but after much deliberation and discussion, they overcame their challenges and came up with four design ideas. After many hours of creative thinking, the ideas of a Ferris wheel, a house, an adaptation of a phone case, and a colourful geometric sculpture were decided upon. Day three indicated the start of production, as the first creation was the start of the new opportunities. On this day, there was a halt in the finalisation of ideas as somewhere not suitable, therefore to replace the Ferris wheel; a vice was newly decided upon. As all ideas were underway the presentation was the focus point of the day’s work. Day four was a day of finalising and improving ideas and the presentation, which was presented to members of Keeches 3D and the Mindshop Excellence Program on day five. Also on day four of the week the year 10 team came up with possible additions to the Keeches approach to marketing, including raising awareness in the general public through social media and our website. The presentations on day five was successful and provided the students with a lot to think about. Overall, the week and the program were successful and required a great amount of teamwork, persistence, and problem solving.

Thank you, Emily

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