Trinity Grammar Colac students hosted by Australian Lamb Colac

DATE: June 26th – 30th

HOST: Australian Lamb Colac

SCHOOL: Trinity Grammar Colac

FACILITATOR: Andrew Downard

As Mindshop Excellence facilitators we have all come across groups that need a lot of guidance or don’t reach out for help when they need it.  Often when you don’t hear from a group or get copies of the developing presentation it is a sign that the Friday morning is going to be a scramble to pull the project and presentation together.  In this latest project by a group of students from Trinity College Colac at Australian Lamb Collac the opposite was true, they had absorbed the training and the tools and just got on with the job.  Their project was to make recommendations on how to make an area of the plant that was shared between pedestrians and forklifts safer for all involved.  The challenge had arisen because of a plant upgrade and relayout which had meant that previous walkways were no longer as safe as they had been in the past.  Not only did the students gather the data on what was happening but they also provided a properly risk assessed series of solutions that could be implemented in the short, medium and long term.  Friday morning was just a case of running a series of dry runs.  The key test of an Excellence program for me is how keen the management are to get hold of the presentation, in this case they wanted it straight off the laptop, no waiting around for an email!  Another great project by students from Trinity! – by Andrew Downard, Mindshop Facilitator

Many thanks to Jo MacMahon and her team at ALC, for the support to Excellence and the students.


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