President Kennedy School hosted by Band Hatton Button Solicitors

DATE: 17-21 July 2017

HOST: Band Hatton Button Solicitors

SCHOOL: President Kennedy School

FACILITATORS: Deborah Austin, Martin Gibbs, Richard Miller


Written by Deborah Austin:

Dafferns third excellence programme saw a definite shift from the familiar; we had our first single gender group of 7 males, and once we had been presented with the host’s problem it became clear Day 1 would involve adapting the standard Excellence programme to ensure the most relevant tools were being covered.

Band Hatton Button asked the group “To identify where there are wastes on a day to day basis at Band Hatton Button, and to identify solutions to these”.

Day 1 is quite an intense day, ordinarily, covering the now where how process, mind mapping, magic wand. Pareto, decision matrix, force field analysis, 5 whys and one page plans; in addition to which it was necessary that the group would need to have a clear understanding of applying 7 wastes!

Undaunted by the very intense training the previous day, on Day 2 the team arrived for the host’s presentation and very quickly organised themselves into smaller groups to interview staff and partners and launched into seeking out wastes.

In testament to the professional behaviour of the group over the 3 days with Band Hatton Button, Natalie Ormerod commented “…it has been easier to provide this work experience for the seven boys, all at once, than it would be to provide traditional work experience for one student…” and that “…we [Band Hatton Button] would definitely be interested in hosting another group”.

The main event was the Day 5 presentation where the team didn’t pull any punches when they talked Natalie and Mark Moseley (Managing Director) through what they had identified as being the key wastes.  They then talked them through the cost : benefit savings that could be made having investigated and costed the solutions they were proposing.

At the end Mark gave the team a glowing report commenting on how impressed he was that the team had “… stepped outside his business and looked in and saw straight to the heart of some of its issues…”

Mark was also impressed that the boys had evaluated the cost of each waste (in such a short space of time) with the cost of implementing their proposed solutions.

The savings to be made from keeping digital copies of documents rather than maintain hard copies, in one year, would pay for the conversion across the business premises to energy saving lighting solutions giving an ongoing saving to the business.

Also the move to cloud storage / servers rather than maintaining physical servers, on site, would free up additional office space to enable the growth the practice is looking for.

Mark left the presentation to schedule a partners meeting for the Monday morning to discuss the teams findings and proposals to kick start the implementation.

Overall a fantastic result for both students and host!

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