Hunter Valley Grammar School hosted by Heffron

DATE: Monday October 14th – 18th

SCHOOL: Hunter Valley Grammar School

HOST: Heffron

FACILITATOR: Cameron Geddes and Kelly Cook

The HVGS team was challenged to address the following question:

How can Heffron help younger Australians become more financially literate (specifically around superannuation) and engage them in planning for their retirements as early as they should be?

The team undertook demographic research, conducted a survey and identified the key points of influence they believed would engage a 15-25 year old cohort. They presented their ideas which had a marketing/advertising focus to the whole organisation (the Brisbane office was included via a video link).

Their presentation lasted about 30 minutes and then they conducted themselves as a polished consulting team as they fielded 40 minutes of questions. The company management are following up their suggestions and plan to keep in touch with the team as they progress the ideas.

Cameron commented “The team did an amazing job – one of the best I have experienced in the last 10 years.”   Well done to all involved.


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